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Entry #4

1 down - ??? to go

2010-04-30 17:21:55 by ReadyTeddy

Just finished producing a track for one of my good friend hdxmike's up and coming games.

pretty happy with it - good stuff !


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2010-05-08 22:56:18

Awesome, submit it to NG ;)

ReadyTeddy responds:

I would if they hadn't banned me form the ap for never even submitting anything...


2010-05-10 09:36:58

Well that's shit... there's not much you can do at the moment then accept for create a new account, perhaps HDXlewis?

ReadyTeddy responds:

yer maybe..hey i notice your from Adelaide, my family are all from Adelaide but dad moved to england when he was like 18 so im stuck in england lol :/


2010-08-28 19:24:10

i just played it... cool song